May 22 2008
Ghent, BE
duration:60 min




“On exactitude in mapping”


1 I draw a circle in the sand and declare it to represent the square were we are

2 I ask everybody present to position themselves around the circle: according to the direction where they came from.

3  I ask everybody present to close their eyes for 30 seconds and concentrate on the route that was taken to arrive here

4  I ask everybody present to step back as much as is needed to make the scale to the circle be fitting. Problems concerning the scale are being solved by mutual agreement

5 Everyone in his turn gets to draw/walk the route with the hand operated sand  robot from his starting point to the square

6 people that traveled mutual will still draw their own track. Participants will just as much interfere with the exactitude of each others tracks as is in their nature.

7 when all drawings are done, each person retrieves to his starting point and speaks out his or her name laud and clear. Whoever is in a remote position needs to speak louder, even to the level of shouting